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This Press on nail set is made to order.
Please allow 3 to 5 days for order completion

We handcraft our press on nails with passion and an eye for detail. We only use the strongest nail tips, professional high quality nail gels which provide strength and durability.

Your order will contain a set of 10 press on nails in the style shown and things you will need to apply them correct.
 How to measure

To measure each of your nail please see details how to do STEP BY STEP in the pictures.

To determine your own nail size please see the SIZING GUIDE in the pictures.

Be sure to measure all ten nails because sometimes one hand may be larger or smaller than the other. If you are in between sizes its best to go with the larger size. You can always file down the sides from the press on nails for a better fit if needed.

We recommend to order a press on sample kit first to make 100% sure your nail set will fit your nails exactly. We won`t take any responsibility if you measured them incorrectly and they don`t fit. It`s not easy to measure them yourself so we highly recommend to either get a sample sizing kit first or purchase a FULL SET (20 nails) which includes 2 tips from each size (0-9)!


Also we would like to mention that if you purchased a set in a different shop before the sizes may not be the same!

For example:

When you purchased an S set somewhere else it does not mean our S set will fit you as well. You have to know that each shop uses different nail tips and they are often not the same sizing cause the tips are not standarsized in measurements unfortunately. There are so many different brands which often vary in measurements and even curve!

If none of the set-sizes listed fit you, please leave me a note in the " NOTE TO SELLER" field at the checkout indicating your measurements in millimeter in the following format:
thumb → index → middle → ring → pinky
Included nail kit

→ Orange stick to push back cuticles
→ Small nail file & buffer block
→ 12 adhesive sticky tapes to apply nails
→ Alcohol pad to proper clean your nail plate
→ Individual packaging in custom gift boxes
→ Instruction how to apply and remove them

Adhesive nail tapes will last up to 1 week (included in your order). If you want them stay on longer please apply your false nails with nail glue.
You can purchase nail glue in our shop as well.